Anglican Comprehensive High School, Ipaja Lagos

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School Boarding

School Boarding


Our boarding facility is a home away from home with God fearing and dedicated hostel managers. The doggedness and commitment of our staff under God is a plus on our part


Our students are precious and so we go the extra mile to provide a warm, congenial environment where each of them can thrive, happy and secure, amid the nurturing support provided by a caring dedicated team led by the vice principal. The students enjoy the comfort and security of our welcoming buildings with modern conveniences that give the school that pleasant feel of home. students stay in each of the cozy, fully furnished rooms in the hostels, where a constant supply of power ensures an atmosphere conducive to study, play or a refreshing rest. Importantly, there is a common room for the students to interact and relax.

The boarders are aware of the big roles they play in creating and sustaining an agreeable environment for every one of them to grow and feel they are part of a happy family of scholars, living out the ethos of tolerance, responsibility, hygiene and etiquette and volunteerism.


All our students are assigned Houses and are encouraged to take active part in regularly organised house activities as well as after-school social events. Each house has a staff coordinator who works with a team of house parents to organise events and provide the necessary support every child needs to succeed. Resident house parents are available round the clock for the care and supervision of the students. Cooperation and communication between teaching staff mean that no child lacks the boost to excel at study and in general school life. The dormitory captains work with the house parents to manage the day-to-day affairs of the hostels; they strive to maintain dormitory cleanliness and a peaceful ambience, besides working with the house coordinators to organize house activities of academic or social nature.


The health and safety of every student is of prime concern to the school. At Anglican Comprehensive High School, Ipaja Lagos, we do not just promise qualitative care, we also go the extra mile to provide the best possible medical care because we know that every child deserves to thrive in health and happiness.

Prepared under the most hygienic conditions and with health-friendly ingredients, the food we provide reflects our understanding of the unarguable connection between nutrition and physical-cum-mental development. We remain committed to meeting the nutritional needs of of every student. In preparing and serving our students, we consider the well being of students with food allergy.

Highly qualified resident health personnel armed with years of dutiful experience are constantly on ground to handle cases requiring immediate attention.